You are What You Feel

You are What You Feel

We have been told our whole lives, “you are what you eat”…

Nutrition is a highly controversial topic!

I’m weighing in and dropping my two cents!

Nothing upsets me more than people doing something that makes them unhappy.

Enter the realm of “DIETING”.

Where you are made to feel guilty about every food decision you make.

I couldn’t imagine a more unhealthy way to live.

And yes before I continue here’s my waiver, I understand fully that some people seriously need to watch what they eat for medical reasons and this should in no way be taken as nutritional advice for you.

*Continues rant.

What I’m talking about does not come from a study or a blog, except this blog obviously.

It comes from my own experience as an “Athlete”, “Human” and “Coach.”

I eat to win! I eat to fuel and I eat to nourish my soul.

Wim Hof says “Feeling is believing”.

I agree!

You can sit down to whatever meal you like.

It may be good for you, it may not..

What matters most is how you feel about eating it and how you feel afterwards.

Now, don’t go taking this as an opportunity to go smash fast shitty food!

Be smart.

Look for Good wholesome food!

As long as you grew it,

Know where it grew,

Know the people that grew it or

At the very least looked into where it grew you will be on the right track!

You won’t ever hear me tell anyone that I think one diet or way of eating is superior to any other.

What works for me is more than likely not going to work for you.

I don’t care if you are vegan or carnivore, Vego or Pesco the list can go on for bloody days, its 2018 and everyone feels like they need to be heard about the special way they eat and why it’s the best!

So to be clear what I’m saying is this…

Eat to feel good

Eat to fuel your body

And eat to Live Life!

When it’s all said and done no one is going to talk about how many abs you had.

Peace and Love,