Unconditional love


Unconditional love…

Has this term lost its flavour?

What does the word unconditional mean?

When placed in front of love I believe it to mean giving love unconditionally.

no bounds….no rules

no conditions to receive the love i wish to give.

Do you agree?

Answer me this.

Do you give anything unconditionally?

Be it Love


Or respect?

It seems a lost art to be able to let someone in, to love, trust or respect without first testing someone out.

And why not?

it’s a cruel and dangerous world we inhabit. People stealing, lying and harming others everyday.

When did we lose that bright spark to love everyone as we love ourselves?

Maybe that’s the question….

Do we love ourselves?

By always finding our own short comings and being anxious about what others think do we unconsciously give others the permission to do the same.

To point out our flaws, take advantage of our nature or to exploit our traits…

What do you like least about yourself??

What’s one thing that you love about yourself?

Which was easier to answer??

Perhaps the most cliche saying of all time is more relevant than ever.

If you wish to make a change, first you must change yourself.

First you must love yourself, then maybe you will allow yourself permission to love others, to trust and respect others because now we trust and respect ourselves.

A playful challenge for you this week.

Look past the exterior of your self, brush away all you have done and achieved.

Give yourself a clean slate and practise self love, trust and respect.

Without condition…

Peace and Love