Our Homies

Jimmy’s Burgers

CEO - James Raymond

Mission Statement:
Quality Burgers made fresh by a crew of lords that love to create tasty art in Burger form!

Relationship with Ghetto:
Two local small businesses that were destined to cross paths for the greater good of the wider community.


CEO - Eamon O’Connor

Mission Statement:

To Help Everybody.
Acu-Fit combines Modern and Eastern knowledge to provide a 360 approach to living Pain-Free, Today.

Ghetto relationship:

To be OF service you have to be FIT FOR service. Ghetto keeps my body strong + mobile so I can stay in the Acupuncture game.

Surf To Summit Physio

CEO - Jess Cunningham

Mission Statement:

Move well. Breathe well. Be well.
In pursuit of fluid movement - from rehabilitation to high performance.
Enabling efficient movement inside for maximised play outside.

Relationship with Ghetto:

Efficient movement is key. I think we're all in agreement here.

Coco’s Coffee

CEO’s - Alex and Courtney

Mission Statement:

Coco’s believes that a shared moment has the power to bring about positive change. In a moment, we can exchange thoughts, emotions and ideas, all of which can positively influence our loved ones, our environment and ourselves.

We look forward to sharing with you, our organic Australian grown coffee, super food lattes, plant based organic foods raw treats made in house. Our hope is that it creates positive change for your body and mind. All of our products have been sourced with the intention to support your health, the community and the environment.

Our relationship with Ghetto:

Will is our neighbour from across the street and a noisy one from time to time. He is also our yoga guru when we have time to attend the class times.

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