Our Homies

Jimmy’s Burgers

CEO - James Raymond

Mission Statement:
Quality Burgers made fresh by a crew of lords that love to create tasty art in Burger form!

Relationship with Ghetto:
Two local small businesses that were destined to cross paths for the greater good of the wider community.

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CEO - Eamon O’Connor

Mission Statement:

To Help Everybody.
Acu-Fit combines Modern and Eastern knowledge to provide a 360 approach to living Pain-Free, Today.

Ghetto relationship:

To be OF service you have to be FIT FOR service. Ghetto keeps my body strong + mobile so I can stay in the Acupuncture game.

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Surf To Summit Physio

CEO - Jess Cunningham

Mission Statement:

Move well. Breathe well. Be well.
In pursuit of fluid movement - from rehabilitation to high performance.
Enabling efficient movement inside for maximised play outside.

Relationship with Ghetto:

Efficient movement is key. I think we're all in agreement here.

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