Only the Crazy

Mad Hatter

Crazy until proven sane.

This is our societal view.

We are so quick to shut down anything perceived as different or outside of the status quo,

We are trained to accept what we are told as gospel.

We are taught to think that anyone who challenges it is crazy.

We live in a time where pretty much anything is possible…..

Yet we are still so sheltered in our way of thinking.

To think outside the box has become too hard, too scary.

We let other people do our research and we take that as the truth…

That to me, is crazy. Trusting someone you don’t know and taking their word that something is so.

Lead-based paint used to be commonly used and asbestos was the material in which we built our homes. Things we just accepted as normal….

We used the Body mass index as an indication of healthy weight for god sake.

Or what about the old food pyramid.

Let’s not get started on people that make up their own research in order to create mass movements like Andrew Wakefield who is now been struck from the Medical register and facing huge jail time for fraud.

These are all examples of people in power leading us down a shitty avenue in which we become more and more powerless and less and less able to make our own decisions.

Let’s look on the other side of the coin… Wim Hof.

A man who’s family was torn apart by mental health issues and suicide of his wife.

He took an internal route to change his world and the worlds of many with breath work and cold exposure.

For years he was known as the crazy man who swims in the arctic or The lunatic who climbs snowy mountains in just a pair of shorts….

The same gentleman who is now the basis of textbooks being re written on human physiology.

So everything we have been taught has just been proven wrong because one man chose to question the norm and take his own path, learn his own lessons.

One person can make a difference.

You can make a difference.

All you have to do is not bow down.

Make your own opinions.

Do your own research.

Question Everything!

One of my favourite quotes from Wim is “Feeling is believing”

In a world where we can not believe what we see or hear, feeling is all we have left.

Experience is our greatest teacher.

They say it’s only the people crazy enough to think they can change the world that can actually change the world…

Do you?

I do.

Maybe it just takes believing it….