Mistakes made and lessons learnt.


My Dad used to always tell me that the only mistake you can make is not learning from one.

I try and maintain that mindset through all I do.

Growing a small business from scratch gives you a lot of opportunity to make mistakes…. Or learn lessons.

Today I want to run you through the top 3 Lessons I have learnt from mistakes I have made.

Mistake number 1.

Attaching my own personal emotion into the business.

Lesson number 1.

When offering a face to face service I think it’s vrealizeortant to realise that you cannot please everyone and not everyone is going to like what you offer and connect with what you do.

Early on in teaching I would get very upset if someone only came to one class or if they looked disinterested during class. I took that very personally.

I have since learnt to manage my emotion, accept that I can only offer my best on the day and attract in the crowd that wants to learn and grow at Ghetto Movement,

Mistake number 2.

Thinking I am bullet proof

Lesson number 2.

I have learnt to give my time and energy more thoughtfully to the tasks in front of me.
Burn out is a real thing and I don’t care how awesome you think you might be, if you burn the candle from both ends eventually you will lose.

Creating a routine for recovery and rest has been the best thing I have implemented to date!

If you do not make time for your body, your body will take time from you

Mistake 3.

Becoming obsessive

Lesson 3.

Everything I have done well in my life has become an obsession. This time though it was almost to the detriment of other areas of my life.

The biggest lesson I have learnt and am still learning is about balance.

Finding balance between my personal life and relationships with growing a small business that is based around giving my time to others.

I have been very fortunate to have patient people in my life whilst I chase this dream of creating a tribe of like minded people who want to better themselves and also help those around them make change.

It does not come easy, I have on many occasions got my priorities wrong and suffered severely for it.

I am becoming more aware of where my time is best spent and where.

It’s a slippery slope but that application is what will bring success to my life and business.

In closing

Making mistakes is very much a part of all aspects of life.

If you aren’t making mistakes then chances are you’re not making much.

Embrace the errors you make, learn from them. Grow from them.

Peace and Love Homies