A dimension of Ghetto Movement aimed at creating a supportive community for women. We focus on providing an environment for local women to connect and network through yoga, movement, well-being … and coffee of course (perhaps the occasional wine!).

We believe this sisterhood is essential to the health of women at all stages of life, but in particular during pregnancy and motherhood. For some, this is the happiest time in their life, but for others, it can be incredibly challenging. Support in the form of friendship and positive health choices can help with feelings of sadness, anxiety and loneliness. Along with a number of yoga classes aimed specifically at improving the health and well being of women, we have a welcoming platform and network of like-minded women ready to empower and support one another.

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A 45 minute, women only, strength and power based class aimed at building muscular strength and endurance. Despite common disbelief, it is absolutely possible to develop muscle tone with yoga, along with the added benefits of flexibility, injury prevention and cardiovascular fitness. This class if for those who are keen to get a bit sweaty and turn it up a notch. Due to the intensity, we advise pregnant women and those less than 6 weeks post partum to have clearance for exercise from the doctor or physiotherapist.


Prenatal Yoga

A 45 minute, restorative practice for those wanting to maintain health and well being during pregnancy. This session will focus on breath and relaxation as well as stretches and poses, safely and specifically designed to keep the mum-to-be feeling strong, flexible and happy. This is a great opportunity for Mums to allow time for themselves and to build a connection with their growing bub.


Mums & Bubs

A 45 minute, post-natal yoga class safely designed for Mums and their babies. Not only does this class provide a beautiful opportunity for connection and love between a mother and child, but it focuses on key physical concerns for post-partum women such as rebuilding core strength, pelvic floor control, opening chest and shoulder muscles and realigning the pelvis and spine. It is also a perfect excuse to get out of the house, move your body and meet other Mums in the community.


We have endeavoured to keep prices as affordable as possible, as we understand the financial pressures on women who may be on maternity leave or are unable to work.

Use the code 'GHETTOMUMS' to receive a discount on usual class prices


Try your first class for $15



Usually $200 down to $150



Usually $20 down to $18


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