Get Out Of Your Way


What’s stopping you?


You are stopping yourself.

Almost everyone is guilty of getting in their own way, I bet even Buddha had a few lapses on his way to enlightenment.

Ghetto Movement is growing, we are attracting all types of guys and gals from a lot of different backgrounds, Concreters to child gymnasts, landscapers to hairdressers.

The one thing everyone in our tribe has in common is they want to better themselves for the future, they want to move with freedom,

They don’t want to wake up stiff and sore every day struggling to roll out of bed.

The number one comment we get from people wanting to try Ghetto classes, “ I can’t even touch my toes”

Don’t you think it’s funny then that this becomes an excuse as to why they cannot attend a class that helps exactly that problem???

It cracks me up.

The fear drives them away, fear of change. Fear of starting something new and sucking at it.

Embrace the suck!

A beginners mindset is the most beautiful and capable of achievement of any mindset I know.

Approaching a task and failing time and time again.

Only to learn the ways not to do it.

At the end of it all finding a win,

Reaching a milestone.

Proving to yourself that it can be done.

Whether it be touching your toes,

Hitting a one minute handstand

Or doing your first muscle up.

The journey is the same.

You just have to start.

My end goal is to reach my body’s full potential,

A limitless goal.

I will most likely never achieve and have ultimately set myself for “failure”…..

I bet it will be one hell of a journey though.

Forever searching for that freedom

The control over my own body to move, twist, flip and bend it any way I like.

There is beauty in that journey.

A realistation will come for you as it did for me.

No human body is the same as the next,

No one has taken your journey,

You cannot simply copy and paste the path and training someone else did and have it work for you.

You have to find your own.

You must make a start!

It’s now May,

Another year is slipping away

Leaving behind all the good intentions you had to make a change this year.

Pull the trigger today, make a change.

Start your journey

Find your potential.

Peace and Love legends