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A deep and relaxing yoga class. Slow and steady wins the race in our Blissful Yin scene.
Ranging from big hip and heart openers into long posterior chain lengthening holds.

Vinyasa Flow
Our own modern twist on “Power yoga”. Strong and powerful Flows ranging from beginner to advanced variations in every class. This is our one size fits all session. You will feel comfortable moving from pose to pose and challenging yourself internally.

A faster paced flow leading into some long and strong holds, challenging the mind and body to keep pace and find strength throughout our entire practise.

Art of Flight
Hopefully Redbull are cool with me using this title, Art of flight is a light class. By light I mean we will be floating, working transitions in arm balances, one legged holds. Moving from space to space controlled and elegant like a swan, although to begin with im sure we will be moving more like newborn giraffes so no pressure.

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Ghetto Strength

Built and forged underneath a Barbell. For anyone looking to up their lifting game both in strength and technique. Come get swoll.

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Our mobility classes are based on a whole body experience, building strength and increasing our range of motion throughout the body.

These classes are built around the fundamental movement patterns we were born with and aim to recapture

3 Types of Mobility classes are.

Roll and Recover
The body Revival on a saturday morning, mixing movement and massage into one perfect class to reclaim the body.

Strength and Length
Building strength and maintaining length through the use of resistance.

Movement Patterns
Raw Movements, primal movement. Animal crawls, basic shifts of balance and direction.

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