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Hips and Hammies
Lack of range or riddled with pain in your lower back, hips or hammies? This is where you need to be. We cover the fundamentals on gaining and maintaining full function of our lower body through activation and awareness of our movement patterns.


Strength and Conditioning
All aboard the gain train. Get Hot, Get sweaty and learn to own your active range and control your body. These classes entail a full-body workout! Barbell, bodyweight, kettlebells, and anything else we can find and add to make you work hard.


Adult Gymnastics
Basics for beginners. We learn the fundamentals of gymnastics to help develop confidence, build awareness and create some new skills to perform as party tricks.


Yoga with Mads
A soothing heartfelt flow incorporating our chakras and getting a sneaky work out in on the side.


Yin with Marc
Relax and unwind. Our Yin class will leave you feeling calm, rejuvenated and ready to melt into your covers come bedtime.

Breath and Chill
First, we do the breath then we do the ice.


Learn the art of striking, build coordination and dexterity and get your heart rate pumping!


Spine & Shoulders
Learn how to activate, mobilise and articulate the powerhouse of the body. Improve posture, ditch pain and start to move better by utilising your shoulder and spine properly.


The art of all things upside down. Learn how to control your body from the very basics all the way to some Advanced skills that your child self would be stoked to see you perform. Fear not, this class is beginner-friendly.


Open Mat BJJ
No Gi BJJ open mat roll. We will spend 30 minutes drilling finished with some light rolling. Perfect for beginners.


This class is aimed at freeing up the entire body with end range strength drills, soft tissue release and learning movement flows similar to yoga and dance patterns.

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